For over 40 years, the Stamford Partnership (a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization) has been dedicated to enhancing Stamford’s business environment and the quality of life for all those who work and/or live in the City.

Today, Stamford is a stronger, safer, more economically vibrant and attractive City because of the ongoing work of the neighborhood organizations that the Stamford Partnership has launched. We continue to monitor and examine where the Stamford Partnership can add value to the needs of the community.

Valerie Senew 

Chairman, Board of Directors

Stamford Partnership

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Affordable Housing

Today, the Stamford Partnership is leading a task force of leaders from the business community, key city officials and the directors of some of Stamford’s most successful nonprofit service providers.

Past Initiatives 

The Stamford Partnership has convened a housing task force composed of leaders from the business community, key city officials and the directors of some of Stamford’s most successful nonprofit service providers for the purpose of:

1. Bringing developers and key institutions together to create workforce housing  opportunities for moderate income employees and their families;

2. Creating model workforce housing regulations for the City of Stamford.

Past Successes Include: 

Leading the process that created Stamford’s affordable housing law, the first such law in the State of Connecticut, which required developers to build housing for low income families when constructing larger residential developments.


• Led effort to advocate with local and state officials to relocate the UConn Stamford campus from north Stamford to downtown;

• Impetus for, and member of, the Blue Ribbon Commission resulting in creation of Stamford Achieves to help close the Achievement Gap in Connecticut;

• Creating the Stamford Public Education Foundation (SPEF) to increase school child literacy;

• Bringing the Student Conservation Association and its high school educationally based job programs to Stamford;

• Creation of the Entrepreneurship Training Program;

• Participation in selection of key educational leaders from the Stamford Public Schools

Superintendent to UConn’s Associate Vice-Provost/Campus Director;

• Partnering with Westchester BOCES and Stamford hospital to bring certificate based training in health and green technologies to young adults across the labor region;

• Participation in Stamford’s First Lego League Robotics competitions to support STEM skills development in elementary and middle school students.


From Our Origins to Today

Current Initiatives:

• Expanding Stamford UConn’s Downtown  Campus facilities and programs

• Ensuring that the City’s new Master Plan encourages continued business growth, a strong downtown and attractive, livable residential neighborhoods

• Attracting middle-income housing to support Stamford’s growing workforce Providing workforce training opportunities for the long term unemployed and recent high school graduates


Over the past three decades, the Stamford Partnership has used the deep intellectual capital of its multifaceted Board of Directors, combined with its staff’s organizational and professional expertise, to launch some of Stamford’s most important organizations,

• Stamford Downtown Special Services District

• Stamford Chamber of Commerce

• Mill River Collaborative

• Stamford Public Education Foundation

• West Side Neighborhood Revitalization Zone

• Eastside Partnership

• Waterside Coalition

• Neighbor’s Link Stamford

• Reinventing Stamford

Perhaps most importantly, the Stamford Partnership was instrumental in leading the successful effort to move UConn Stamford to the City’s downtown.