Here are just a few of the projects we are working on:


Mural Arts Program

Modeling this program on the  City of Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program we are following the simple idea that that art ignites change.

Through this program, we are creating a collaborative process where businesses, residents, and artists will ignite ideas into action and  transform public spaces with the cultural heritage and history of Stamford. Much like the original WPA programs brought creative professionals into communities to build an everlasting tribute to the history of an area, we plan to introduce new public murals throughout the city,  bringing all neighborhoods of Stamford into the conversation about public spaces. Get involved here!


Vintage Travel Poster Contest

Create your interpretation of a vintage travel poster that promotes a Stamford travel destination, highlighting history, culture, landscape, or attractions. The jurors will look for a design that displays the colorful history, heritage or scenic environment of the Stamford, think eye-catching, iconic images that also showcase your original style. You will be able to apply here shortly after Labor Day.

Branding Campaign

Using the City of Stamford’s new branding logo and tag line, we will target high growth companies with invitations to explore Stamford in mobile, social, print and trade media.  


375th Celebration Fireworks

As part of the 375th Celebration, a special fireworks celebration will be held at Harborfest  that will be honoring the water front, on Saturday, August 27th at 7:30 pm  at  Harbor Point. There was a special VIP reception for our friends, supporters and sponsors.


Tree Farm

The City of Stamford is creating a municipal tree replacement program that will produce trees to be planted on City right of way areas. Partnering with the Stamford Nature Center, a 1-acre site will be set aside for growing. Residents and neighborhood associations can apply to select trees for this program to replace trees that have been taken by the city under utility lines.


Improving the Visitor Experience

We all know that first impressions count. This project entails improving the visitor experience as people arrive by train or car at the transportation center. Work has been done to power wash the transportation bus and shuttle area and replace lighting. In addition new landscaping will replace weed filled and overgrown exit and entrance ramps, medians and embankments that affect safety. Medians and way finding signs will be installed to improve the pedestrian experience. The new and inviting logo will be displayed to welcome visitors to Stamford.


Discover Stamford

As part of an initiative to build better communication overall, the Stamford Partnership is launching Discover Stamford, a neighborhood news and information platform that empowers neighborhood associations to share news, events and concerns with their neighbors. A mobile app is available, connected to an iBeacon network offering location-based alerts in popular spots in Stamford.