Sustainable Dredging

The Stamford Partnership is convening a regional task force to investigate the preservation, restoration, and hardening of coastal resources and coastal shores and Islands in Greenwich, Stamford, and Norwalk.

This initiative is outlined in the WESTCOG’s 2017 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy plan (CEDS).

Federal, State, and Local agencies are grappling with the challenge of trying to develop a Long Term Dredge Management Protocol that includes new and beneficial uses of dredged material from the maintenance of public dredging projects and channels.  The permitting agencies are looking for just this type opportunity to demonstrate a win/ win for addressing an economic need, keeping recreational and commercial harbors open by dredging and the responsible and beneficial and cost-effective alternative use of the dredge spoils generated during the process.

This project will help preserve and restore coastal resources and barrier islands by pumping suitable dredge material (clean fill) from harbor channels in the southwestern coastal communities and restore the approximate shoreline and barrier islands with like material. The two main technologies to be used are coastal nourishment – the addition of an appropriate sediment to a coastal resource to replace that which has been lost to erosion – and island restoration by material replacement – the use of dredged sediment to repair island damage or reduce future degradation of the barrier island.