What We Do

4 reasons why

The Stamford Partnership is a uniquely integrated collaboration of Stamford’s business, government, and the nonprofit sectors. Viewed as an unbiased broker, the City of Stamford relies on the Stamford Partnership to spearhead many of its most important initiatives.

The Stamford Partnership was selected to participate in a special task force, created by University of Connecticut President, Susan Herbst, and UCONN Stamford Campus Director, Sharon White, to expand the University’s presence in the Stamford Community.

Affordable & Workforce Housing
The Stamford Partnership has convened a housing task force composed of leaders from the business community, key city officials and the directors of some of Stamford’s most successful nonprofit service providers.

Neighborhood and Community Improvement Initiatives
The Stamford Partnership lends its deep knowledge of the City’s governmental and business community to incubate neighborhood initiatives. The Partnership has served as the fiscal agent and/or guiding force behind many high profile Stamford Community organizations, each of whom is thriving today.


Assisting the Immigrant Community
Almost 28 percent of Stamford’s population is foreign born and one-third of those people have been here fewer than 10 years. To address this population’s unique challenges and opportunities, the Stamford Partnership convened an immigration task force composed of government, business and nonprofit community leaders.